Ronnie Aircraft Sales Testimonial

I had a wonderful professional experience buying my 1st Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) through Ronnie’s Aircraft Sales.

I have had several GA aircraft, but I wanted a new modern, affordable aircraft that I did not constantly have to rebuild component by component each year. I’d been researching LSA but had not had an opportunity to see one close-up and to fly in one. I wanted a cross-country plane with sturdy construction, good carrying capability and that would cruise at the maximum LSA airspeed.

Ronnie’s aircraft appeared to have just the plane for me – a low time 2010 Jabiru J230 SP. While in the area, his test pilot, Jim was most accommodating in meeting my tight schedule and taking me for a demonstration flight. Pittsfield airport in the Berkshire Mountains gave Jim a chance to show how nimble a Jabiru can be in climbing and maneuvering. Taking off in a several hundred feet and climbing at over 1000 feet a minute was impressive. The six-cylinder, 120 hp Jabiru engine gives a solid feel of power. One look inside the cargo door made it abundantly clear that this was a plane with carrying capacity. The luggage door and area is in fact large enough to carry 2 passengers. In its homeland, this Australian built aircraft is a 4 place aircraft, but in the US LSA requirements limited it to 2 passengers.

Ronnie and Jim answered all my questions and gave me new insights into the aircraft. They were positive and supportive even after I reminded them that this was the 1st LSA aircraft I demoed and there were a few others I still needed to consider. After seeing the field at Oshkosh, the Midwest LSA sports Expo in Mount Vernon Illinois is the place where the LSA manufacturers gather and demo their aircraft. After several LSA demo flights, I knew I’d already seen my airplane. I was back on the phone with Ronnie making arrangements for a presale inspection. He had the right plane at the right price. Ronnie arranged for a wire transfers and soon the plane was mine. Many thanks to Ronnie and Jim for a very positive introduction to Light Sport Aircraft and working with a professional aircraft broker.


John O.

I had a wonderful professional experience buying my 1st Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) through Ronnie’s Aircraft Sales....
Ronnie and his whole team were excellent to work with in my purchase!
I had an excellent buying experience. Everyone was very friendly, honest and helpful...